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FlyBC "Site of the Day" - June 22/2006

Deet required, mosquito time in Harrison Mills!!

Quote of the Day:

"Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies." - Aristotle

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Woodside or Bridal will be good today
Sunny. High 23.
270° at 11 knots

1470 m
Woodside Report - it looked flyable until the rain started at 6:00 pm, maybe even soarable.

Wood Rat Race Report - a great race day with some challenges, all Canucks in goal but one, 50 pilots in all made goal which diluted the points for making goal in the later packs.

Woodside or Bridal will be good today
Sunny. High 23.
light and variable, then 140° at 9 knots in the PM (leeside)

2170 m
Bridal Report - a great day at Bridal. Pilots getting to 1500 meters and staying up for 2.5 hours or more. Derek top-landed at Upper and Lower. Jack said it was the best day of flying ever (he is even getting second thoughts about trading in the Vulcan). About a dozen pilots, which is low considering the crappy weather we have been enduring. I had to stay in North Vancouver, to do some last minute work before headng to the US, so I missed out and my wing was at the Ranch so I couldn't even fly Grouse.

Blanchard looks do-able early
Winds westerly 15 knots becoming variable 5 to 15 this morning with westerly 15 over western sections. Winds becoming easterly 10 to 15 late this evening. Cloudy periods. Isolated showers.
light and variable

1000 m
Vancouver Report - it cleared up nicely in Vancouver around 3:00 pm, so I assume Blanchard did the same. It didn't get as windy as predicted so it was probably a safe call to head south.

Woodside around noon
A few showers ending this morning then cloudy with 40 percent chance of showers. High 16.
light and variable

800 m
Woodside Report - there were a few flyable windows, but it was windy, very windy at times in places we don't normally see wind. I didn't see anyone flying.

Woodside around noon
A few showers ending this morning then cloudy with 40 percent chance of showers. High 16.
light and variable

1000 m
Woodside Report - the forecast was bogus and we were in the rain all day.
Woodside may work between showers
Showers ending late this morning then cloudy with 40 percent chance of showers. High 16.
280° at 12 knots (soarable)

1330 m
Woodside Report - forecast was way off and it rained heavily all day in Harrison Mills. Maybe Blanchard would have worked, light winds but cloudy around 3:30 pm when I flew in to YVR from Calgary.

Woodside may work between monsoons
Cloudy with sunny periods and 60 percent chance of showers. High 17.
light and variable

1150 m
Woodside Report - a few flyable moments, but no reports. Heavy rain at time on the North Shore, made me think this is the worst weather year for some time?

All this North wind in the Harrison Lake area bodes well for our new "boat tow-rig", which should be operational in June 2006. No more driving to Mara to hope it is good for SIV, train SIV over Harrison Lake in the morning and fly Bridal in the afternoon.

Stay Home or go to work
Showers. Risk of a thundershower late this afternoon. Fog patches early this morning. High 18.
210° at 21 knots

950 m
Woodside Report - I didn't get out to the Ranch until 8:00 pm, but the webcam looked good several times in the PM. Nice CU over launch for about an hour, no flight reports.

Stay Home or go to work
Cloudy with 70% chance of rain. High 18.
160° at 23 knots

1000 m
Woodside Report - when I left for town around 7:00 am, there were "lennies" to the south. East winds in town all day, good for Diefenbaker Park kiting, but not for any real flying.
Woodside later
Rain at times. High 18.
240° at 17 knots

1240 m
Woodside Report - it was flyable until around noon, when the rain finally hit us hard. Then around 7:00 pm, there was another flyble period til dark, but the grass was pretty wet so I didn't fly. Woodside really is the most flyable Mountain in BC!

Woodside early, then on to Bridal as the day heats up
Cloudy with sunny periods. 60 percent chance of showers late this afternoon. High 21.
150° at 17 knots

1740 m
Woodside Report - a great student day, not so good for intermediate/advanced pilots however. Andy and Kelly got over launch, in fact Andy top-landed at 11 am, to dress warmer and then the day went downhill after that.

New pilot Derek logged a tandem and 3 solo flights. Grin to be removed surgically! He did a great job launching in "light cross" conditions, and had his landings mastered by solo flight 3.

Our last flight of the day had 9 pilots flying off in light conditions, sledding into the Ranch. Dr. Alex, Norm and I went last and had to fly through a small rain cell which left our wings rather wet. Alex and I landed at Stonehenge at exactly the same time to race into the Barn drying area. Norm had a little farther to walk as he stayed out of our way landing at the landing circle.

Bridal Report - Nicole took the day with 4.05 kms, beating out Alan with 4.0 kms both landing at the Rosedale School earning 21 points. Everyone else did acro over the LZ for 17 points.

Stay Home in BC, the entire province looks skunky
Rain all day. High 20.
170° at 9 knots

700 m
Woodside Report - the day was forecast to be bad so we headed off the Home Depot around 9 am, loading up for more renos in the bad weather.

We were working hard until 2:30 pm, when the rain stopeed falling and the sun peaked through! We loaded up and headed up to launch where it was pretty gusty, with strong cycles pulsing through. I wind-dummied and took off into some very interesting air. Lots of major sink everywhere, with strong bullets that could take you over launch, but if you lost it you were kicking trees in the clear-cuts. Colleen observed one thermal where I was levitiating up, with no turns and the wing was walking back and forth 90 degrees all the way to the top. I eventually scratched my way all the way into Riverside (yes, I have a pass) as Colleen and Andy launched.

Their flights were similar with about 30 minutes of weird air, landing in Riverside (they have passes too). We didn't bother after those flights, waiting hopefully for Saturday to stabilize the air.

Woodside early, Bridal later
Sunny with cloudy periods. High 23.
150° at 7 knots

2100 m
Woodside Report - the rains came sooner than forecast, with Chilliwack getting rained out by noon. Later, I met Jack at the Ranch and it was flyable but sled-rides were likely so he headed to Vancouver after I retrieved the Van from the repair shop. New front-end to make it safe for our students!

New Westminster Report - Kirril called for a weather report and as he hung up, he looked out the window to see the apartment next door in flames! He says this is a wake-up call to watch the "weed lights"?

Electrical Fire? - photo by Kirril

Bridal later
Sunny with cloudy periods. High 25.
270° at 7 knots

2100 m
Bridal Report - awesome day at Bridal, not a great XC day but I'm sure if Rob was out he would have done a few laps!! Maxed out at 1860 meters in front of Cheam, top landed at upper with Alan, Derek and Andy, very beuatiful day! See you this weekend - Mark F

Upper Launch Top-Lander Club '06 - photo by Mark Fraser

Bridal later
Sunny. High 26.
280° at 5 knots

2100 m
Woodside Report - conditions looked a bit windy, but I suspect a blue/orange Zoom was circling over launch.

Bridal Report - Andy, Richard T, Alex W and Nataliya were observed flying at around the Upper Road, Andy may have even made it to Upper Launch.

New Performance Flying Trailer - Jocky Sanderson's latest Flying Movie shot using a high-speed lab camera for the best slow-motion sequences ever seen. Flown on Ozone gliders. Release date is now April 2006, order yours today.

March 31/06 - Hi Everyone;

Jocky and his production crew are in the final stages of the DVD. This weekend we will be translating it into German, French, Italian and Japanese, and next week the final mastering will be completed and we will begin production.

We have to apologize for the late release, originally we had planned for this to be done by Christmas 2005 but it has turned out to be a much larger job, and a much more professional and high quality job, than we had expected. All of the editing, mastering, and color correction has been done in a professional studio in New York, and we are very happy with the quality of the entire DVD, which is going to be just over 1 hour long and contain a nice amount of info on XC, SIV, and Acro.

In the next few weeks it will be available from us on our normal online order form. It will ship from Vietnam with your glider and accessories orders, so when you include it with orders for other products the FedEx/DHL shipping will be an excellent value.

Thanks for being patient with us- we think that it will be worth the wait.

Cheers from all the team!

Ozone Paragliders

FlyBC Paragliding has the new Ozone DVD 2005 in stock now, see the news release Ozone News . Never Ending Thermal DVDs are also in stock for 2006 season.
Bridal later
Sunny. High 29. Risk of an afternoon thunderstorm.
280° at 9 knots

2400 m
Woodside Report - Andy flew a few sledders early on, and was soaring around 2:00 pm. I flew over on a jet from Calgary landing at Abbotsford at 3:00 pm, and it was a bumpy approach to the west. This time they were 13,000 feet over Woodside, so no paraglider conflicts as no pilots were flying at that time. I arrived at the Ranch around 4:30 pm and it was gusty and I saw only one pilot on launch trying to wait for a lull. I never saw them in the air after that. Derek and I reconvened around 6:00 pm and it was the same, and we were not looking forward to being pinned against the mountain, so we bailed on flying. When I drove by Bridal there were no gliders in the air either.

Woodside later
Sunny. High 31.
110° at 10 knots

1100 m
Woodside Report - definitely leeside, but flyable as the winds got very light in the afternoon.

Woodside early, then on to Bridal
Sunny. High 26.
120° at 5 knots

3400 m!
Woodside Report - many good student flights, as it never got windy or too thermic. Many long intermediate and advanced flights over 3 hours too! I took Michelle (11 years old Tuesday), for her Birthday Tandem and she had a great flight although she was a bit frustrated by the para-waiting before we launched! She took pictures during the flight but this is the only good shot of her Dad Thomm's wing :-)

Thomm's Proton - for sale on the FlyBC Used/Demo Page - pics by Michelle

Later in the day, Alex R was spotted landing at the Ranch after flying from a secret launch near Stave Lake for a 24 km XC on a difficult day. Rob was close behind landing near Deroche. Alan drove for them to ease the retrieve for the Good Guy of the Day award.

Bridal Report - After logging some time at Woodside, Derek and Andy headed to Bridal. Derek said he saw Andy over Upper Launch, but flights were not that high today and launching a bit tough with the east wind.

Woodside early then on to Bridal
Sunny. High 18.
light and variable thru 9000 feet

2550 m
Woodside Report - great student conditions early with 5 students having great flights until about 1:00 pm, when the LZ was deemed unsafe for newbies (too thermic). I took James tandem and despite no vario or gloves we were at 1400 meters for too long, but couldn't break through to get higher. We headed out to let James fly and as I started to get him to 360 right, he hit a nice thermal that took us back up to 1000 meters. Martin was buzzing us on his ATOS and not getting very high either, until later when we heard him at Deroche at 7500 feet (2300 meters). Eventually he made the Woodside, Mt Benedict, Elk, Woodside triangle to place him 3rd in the OLC.

Martin's tracklog - from On Line Contest Daily Log - you must select May 13/06

We had to land the tandem to warm up and conditions had improved in the Eagle Ranch LZ (now all mowed thanks to Eric), and apparently there was a great show with crows and eagles fighting over the mice that scattered during the mowing . . . but an even better show next door as the quonset hut west of us was busted by RCMP (with rifles). Looks like a grow-op was taken down according to Hydro crews cutting off the power. Anyway, back to flying.

Back to launch with all the students, and Colleen flew off to confirm the air was indeed safe enough but she climbed way up and was not too happy to land except she was frozen. We got all the students off launch and I was then able to go "Zooming" on the Zoom M. I opened the bag . . . no vario and no flight suit! Oh well, just chase Mia around on her HG, she has a vario. We were the only pilots to get high at this point (Mia says 4400 feet), many launched and grovelled to the ground. I was shaking pretty bad at times from the cold, so I came down to launch height to try to top-land, but immediately climbed back to 1100 meters without turning, after about 1.5 hours I landed as Colleen was back at launch with the students. I landed at Stonehenge to test the air and it was calming down nicely. So off the students went for the last flights.

Bridal Report - sounds pretty similar at Bridal, many long flights with heights to 1900 meters. Some excitement as someone (a student I think) landed near/or on a road not making the Bridal LZ?

Mark took Martina tandem and was overheard heading east to the Butterfly and back to launch.

Picture of Unidentified Flying Objects from Mark's tandem (one ATOS and one Vulcan) - photo by Martina

Rob's Bridal Report - In my opinion it was rougher than Tuesday, though the lift wasn't as strong. Had 2 significant collapses within the first 30 minutes. Good recovery, though did need some pumping to re-inflate per DHV certification notes. Flight time was 5:38:54. The second half of the flight there was nobody around to fly with, since they all landed. The air for the second half was way smoother. I should have gone the extra 230 meters that I needed at Elk but I didn't expect the 30 to 1 glide I got on the return. Got back to launch and could still climb out well enough to buzz the launch, but no trucks left, so spiralled down to the LZ - Rob

Rob was in 5th place in the OLC for May 13, with nearly 80 kms.

Rob's tracklog - from On Line Contest Daily Log - you must select May 13/06

Cloudy with sunny periods and 60 percent chance of showers. High 14.
270° at 11 knots

1770 m
Woodside Report - while not forecast, the high winds were expected due to the huge lapse rate. When the valley heats up and it is that thermic, the colder sea air comes in the valley like a chimney. And as soon as the valley cools the winds drop.

Richard T called at 4:00 to see if we were flying and I said we went shopping instead because it was so wondy, but give it a try. He arrived at the Ranch at 6:00 pm, went up and bagged a sledder as the winds died off completely.

Becoming cloudy this morning. Becoming windy this afternoon. High 16.
220° at 5 knots

1240 m
Bridal Report - apparently the forecaster were off again! Derek said it was raining very early in the Valley, but still saw someone flying Bridal in the rain. Desperados!

Woodside Report - Cloudbase was around 1200 meters when WestJet flew by enroute to Abbotsford at 7:00 pm. Derek said it was possible to do a sled-ride, and when I arrived at the Ranch it looked soarable so I went up at 8:00 pm. It was way too strong to fly without a chase vehicle, plus it might take a while to get down before it got dark so I drove down. Safety First!

A mix of sun and cloud. 30 percent chance of showers in the afternoon. High 17.
light and variable

2190 m
Bridal Report - Alan, Rob and Derek were out at Bridal. Some got to 1600 meters, Rob was doing Laps between the Butterfly and Elk!

Grouse Report - I had a pretty nice 45 min flight off Grouse today, but had to launch in downwind conditions.

Grouse was moving snow on the road up to the peak, in preparation for a film shoot up there next week. Depending on the film shoot, they may not want us on the mountain ... call ahead.

Mark Fraser's Update Bridal Report from May 9 - Close but no cigar, crossed to Bear from Cheam, over to Hicks, then crossed to Lorenzetti, no luck, landed in Klops Field in Laidlaw.

Sorry no fancy GPS track log but here's a few pics anyways - Mark

Bear Mountain with Harrison Lake in the distance - photo by Mark Fraser

Over Green Hill behind Agassiz looking towards Bridal - photo by Mark Fraser

Heading SE towards Laidlaw, Green Hill below, Seabird Island on the left - photo by Mark Fraser

Sunny with cloudy periods. High 16.
260° at 9 knots

2490 m
Bridal Report - Mark F called me to see if I was going flying, and I said the plan was to be out around 3:30 pm at Bridal. The day fell apart for me and I was still in Richmond at 4:00 pm, with two stops to do before I made it out to the Valley. By the time I arrived and turned on a radio, it was too late to head to Bridal. Derek was soaring Green Hill behind Agassiz after flying over from Bridal. He reported 7 m/s thermals at Bridal, allowing him to top land at Upper before heading home. Mark F did a few valley crossings, Brad landed in Hope, Rob and Alex R were doing laps between Elk and the Butterfly. Everyone had great flights getting to 2000 meters easily. Martina arrived at the Ranch around 7:00 pm, and we flew Woodside in light lift to close off the day.

Sunny. High 16.
260° at 15 knots

1750 m
Bridal Report - it was pretty windy in Vancouver, out in the valley Abbotsford and Agassiz were reporting SW 17 km/hr, so it was probably flyable at Bridal, and Rob and Alan were probably doing laps on the FVXC Course.

Woodside is not likely flyable, so take a drive to Historic Hedley
Abbotsford: Periods of rain ending late this morning then cloudy with 60% POP. Becoming windy this afternoon. High 13.

Hedley: Cloudy with showers. 40% POP. High 14.
260° at 13 knots at 6000 feet (Penticton)

2840 m (Hedley)
Woodside Report - a good day to do chores and not even think about flying! It rained until 2:30 pm, then when the sun came out the wind was 50-60 kms/hr and the clouds were whizzing by!

Belated Ozone Addict Report (DHV II) - last week, I was taking a pilot up for test flights on the Vulcan and Derek said he would bring over the Addict to show it to us. Derek actually let me fly it! Light to no wind at launch, easy forward inflation and quick to speed up into lift-off. Turns very nicely, great trim speed, even lightly loaded with hiking gear. Brakes are light up to 50%, then firm like you want them when thermalling. I landed in the lee of the trees near Stonehenge, and the Addict cuts through the bumps nicely. Just a short 12 minute flight but it was geting dark, so not much lift. Thanks, Derek - nice glider!

Woodside early
Becoming cloudy. Rain beginning early this afternoon. High 14.
210° at 9 knots

1640 m
Woodside Report - the forecasters had the weather backwards, it rained in the AM and was flyable after 1:00 pm right til dark. No one showed up here at Eagle Ranch, because they were all heading to Hedley, I assume (or did not trust the weather forecasts).

Hedley Report - Andy gave us the "blow-by-blow" description of the weeks events in Hedley. From the Polish guy crashing in the Ball Diamond LZ doing wingovers too close to the deck . . . to "the gust front" Friday where he had to call in all his skills to get down at the Launch area before it really got strong. Flights to 3000 meters most days, Hugo and Scott flew to Princeton leaving Hedley at 3000 meters and arriving in Princeton at 2600 meters!

Hedley Church LZ - taken at the 2005 Autumn event, looking up at Launch.

Woodside or Bridal or Blanchard
Sunny with cloudy periods. High 22.
210° at 9 knots

1780 m
Woodside Report - Norm, Jack and Martina flew Woodside around 1:30 pm, and it was "weird". Good lift right off launch but not much above 200 meters over. Then away from the hill, it was just windy, no lift and 25 km headwinds made the trip out to the Ranch slow, Norma and Jack barely scraped their butts over the fence, with Bert D chasing them with his hat :-)

Bridal Report - A replay of Woodside. We worked on the garden while everyone headed over to Bridal. When we finally took a break to head over there at 5:00 pm, we were partway up the mountain when we got the report that Derek had launched and was barely penetrating and still couldn't climb. Difficult launching conditions too! We turned around and drove down. We installed a new Ozone windsock at the "swamp LZ", to replace the light green one that was "beat up and hard to see". Eventually everyone drove down including the new "AIMLESS Team".

Blanchard Report - no pireps, but here is the NOAA report, subtract 3 hours to get the local time, speeds in MPH on the right column.

10 PM (2) May 05 59.0 (15.0) 44.1 (6.7) 29.88 (1011) S 12
9 PM (1) May 05 60.1 (15.6) 46.0 (7.8) 29.88 (1011) S 13
8 PM (0) May 05 62.1 (16.7) 43.0 (6.1) 29.89 (1012) S 13
7 PM (23) May 05 63.0 (17.2) 41.0 (5.0) 29.91 (1012) S 13
6 PM (22) May 05 64.0 (17.8) 43.0 (6.1) 29.92 (1013) S 13
5 PM (21) May 05 64.0 (17.8) 44.1 (6.7) 29.93 (1013) S 9
4 PM (20) May 05 64.0 (17.8) 41.0 (5.0) 29.93 (1013) S 9
3 PM (19) May 05 63.0 (17.2) 44.1 (6.7) 29.95 (1014) SSW 3
Pretty windy!

Hedley Report - no reports since May 3 on Peter C's site? I know Lars and Andy were heading out there, but no calls or emails yet.

Woodside or Bridal or Blanchard
Sunny. High 24!
240° at 5 knots

2080 m
Woodside Report - Jack, Kelly, Josef, Brad and a few others flew Woodside in mixed conditions. Around 1:00 pm, it was punchy with narrow thermals and Norm had a long flight before heading off to work. We flew a group later around 7:00 pm and it was sled-rides all around. Good glider testing weather as a few were sold!

Bridal Report - Derek was gloating after getting 3+ hours launching around 3:00 pm, and getting to 1800 meters. I saw Fred and a few others flying near the Knoll as I drove by to the Ranch (where all my gear was), and missed the action. Maybe tomorrow will work too.

Woodside or Bridal or Blanchard
Sunny. High 23!
light and variable

2080 m
Woodside Report - I got a call from Derek saying it was "outflow" all day and quite strong and he was not heading to Woodside cause it looked so bad. It didn't matter to me as I was in Calgary waiting for a plane home.

Last night I was treated to a new experience on WestJet coming back to Abbotsford from Calgary at around 7:00 pm.

Letting down over Harrison Lake as normal, the pilot cranked a left hand turn and was descending through 6000 feet directly over the Microwave Towers at Woodside and I could see launch clearly off the left wingtip. No pilots were free-flying in the air over Woodside.

The pilot then levelled out and flew along the Fraser River just north of Sumas Mountain and were now below the peak of Sumas where we fly. Several small Cessnas were below the jet heading east with about 1000 foot clearance.

They then turned left and flew over the west end of Sumas Mountain for a straight-in approach for Runway 25.

I waited for the passengers to leave and approached the pilots regarding this new procedure, and they pulled their approach plate and said it was in effect from March 2005, but it is rarely used as they have to descend so quickly. They can land with up to 10 knots tailwind, so they prefer landing on Runway 07.

They were aware of CYA132, and tried to say they avoided it, but they were clearly in the CYA which they are allowed to be. They know we fly PGs and HGs in CYA132, but I doubt they would see anyone at 7:00 pm flying into the sun.

I am sure they had a great time flying this visual approach close to the mountains, it was quite pretty.

Please be aware that this approach procedure is now in effect, and if you get above 2000 meters keep a close lookout to the east. Another safety measure would be to monitor Abbotsford ATIS frequency and listen for strong west winds, as this is when Runway 25 will be active.

"Some days you are the bug, and somedays you are the windshield".

Scary New WestJet Approach through CYA132 at Woodside

Woodside or Bridal or Blanchard
Sunny with cloudy periods. High 15.
310° at 9 knots

2080 m
Woodside Report - Hugo and Scott had great flights earlier, heading to Dewdney and back to Woodside. They then flew Bridal where the conditions turned lee-side, oddly I saw the development on the Woodside WebCam moving from east to west, not fast but definitely leeside (not what was forecast).

Calgary Report - a stiff breeze (50-70 kms/hr) from the North made it easier to work indoors today. I am sure the gloat reports will be rolling in later Tuesday night from Bridal and Woodside.

Stay Home
A few showers ending near noon then clearing. Becoming windy early this afternoon. High 13.
300° at 32 knots

1100 m
Vancouver Report - strong winds all day. Power outages in Langley, Surrey area due to fallen trees.

Woodside for non-comp PGers and comp HGers, Bridal for PG comp pilots
Cloudy with sunny periods. 30 percent chance of showers this morning. High 14.
290° at 8 knots

1390 m
Woodside Report - good soarable conditions as early as 10:30 am. Many student flights, but I had to vector them out of the cloudsuck at times (not strong enough for Big Ears or B-Stall, but good lift). Martin flew his Zulu to Harvest Market, as we received reports of turbulent student landings at Eagle Ranch near noon. We kited for a while for the wind to subside, then back for more flights. In the end, three student solo flights per pilot, and the last flights were "classic glass-off" with Lars logging 3+ hours launching around 5:00 pm. Many HG competitors made it to Hope, where it was very windy!

Alison and Jim on tandem heading east towards Cemetery Hill - taken by Nicole McLearn

Lars Taylor soaring above Woodside before sunset - taken from the clearcut behind launch.

Fraser Valley XC Report - Bridal was the chosen launch spot and an accumulated distance formula was established with Alan Dickie in first place with over 60 kms, Alex Raymont in second with just a few kms less and Nicole in third place. Alan and Alex are both flying Ozone Mantras, and Nicole is on a UP Trango II. Score will be posted soon. Two more weekends to go!

FlyBC Paragliding Past Site of the Day Reports

April 2006 Site of the Day archives - the Easter Bunny was "run over" on Kilby Road, plus the train wreck on April 1.

March 2006 Site of the Day archives - a new pilot was born, Chloe. We also flew a few days between showers, some long flights up to 4 hours. A few Out & Return Flights to Deroche and Bear.

February 2006 Site of the Day archives - another wet month with some soarable days (2).

January 2006 Site of the Day archives - some flying on Elk and Woodside, smart pilots headed South for great Mexican or Chilean flying.

December 2005 Site of the Day archives - some flying on Elk and Woodside, smart pilots headed South.

November 2005 Site of the Day archives - rain, snow and not much flying.

October 2005 Site of the Day archives - Women's Fly In in Chelan yielded two soarable days before the snows hit.

September 2005 Site of the Day archives - dry most of the month. Some great 4 hour flights at Woodside getting to cloudbase most days. Three crash-landings in the same clearcut by pilots scratching too low, but no injuries.

August 2005 Site of the Day archives - road trips to the Interior gave us an opportunity to rag out some gliders at FlyBC SIV 2005 (Part II). Also a great road trip to Savona.

July 2005 Site of the Day archives - good flying all month, no rain but some windy days shut us down. The Willi started in Golden with a few good days, but one tragedy as Charles Warren perished in a crash near Harrogate.

June 2005 Site of the Day archives - too much rain, but good days to fly between showers.

May 2005 Site of the Day archives - our Instructor/Tandem seminar yielded some good flying. Our May 2005 SIV Clinic had a good turnout, with many wet wings/pilots! Many nice flights at Woodside and Bridal, with some long "out & returns" at Bridal.

April 2005 Site of the Day archives - some great soaring at Woodside and Bridal. Sad news from the US Hanggliding Nationals as Chris Muller crashes at goal.

March 2005 Site of the Day archives - we had to head out of town to Savona a few weekends due to wet weather on the Coast. Wetter than normal according to Environment Canada.

February 2005 Site of the Day archives - some good soaring despite early time of year. Flights as long as 3 hours at Woodside, some good flights at Whidbey Island for first timers, too!

January 2005 Site of the Day archives road trips to Mexico, not much flying locally due to strong north winds and rain. Record rain kept Eagle Ranch quite wet for kiting.

December 2004 Site of the Day archives a dry month with some good soaring including a fantastic day on Dec. 11 where we thermalled for 2+ hours!

November 2004 Site of the Day archives more record rain. We installed a fireplace in the barn to keep pilots warm between winter flights.

October 2004 Site of the Day archives more record rain, but sweet soaring between showers. Many new students signed up and making quick progress. We missed the Women's Fly In for the first time in 9 years, and there was some interesting flying on the Sunday!

September 2004 Site of the Day archives rainiest September on record for the first 3 weeks, made flying difficult. But Alan and others logged some pretty nice flights later in the month. Lots of student tandems for both Colleen and Jim.

August 2004 Site of the Day archives Great Maneuver/SIV/ACRO course at Mara. Jack got wet! Some great soaring at Woodside. Norm made it 68 km from Mara to King Eddie, Derek made it from Lumby to Enderby the opposite direction for 67 kms. We also did our BC roadtrip from Ashcroft to New Denver, and flew everyday.

July 2004 Site of the Day archives the Willi was on at Golden. We missed the mayhem due to work and school commitments but Norm did a great job representing the West Coast.

June 2004 Site of the Day archives Canadian Nationals came off with many great rounds. Pemberton-Whistler Championships were blown out most days so we headed to Cornwall.

May 2004 Site of the Day archives great flying at Woodside and Bridal. We held a very successful SIV Course at Mara Lake, and hope to run another one in August if they keep the forests open.

April 2004 Site of the Day archives good flying in the Valley. The Fraser Valley Cross Country PG Series was successssful.

March 2004 Site of the Day archives Nicole won in Brazil, otherwise the month sucked for flying time.

February 2004 Site of the Day archives some local flights extended to an hour with vigourous scratching above the trees. Good paramotor month.

January 2004 Site of the Day archives Mexican road trip yielded 20 hours of flight and a wet Canadian January kept most local pilots on the ground.

December 2003 Site of the Day archives we flew a few times but it got really cold at the end of the month as we prepared for a gala New Year's Party for 40 of our close personal friends and neighbours.

November 2003 Site of the Day archives windy and wet with the odd good soaring day, not many pilots out these days.

October 2003 Site of the Day archives Women's Fly In was great fun, some good soaring days mid-month, most of the students are signed off.

September 2003 Site of the Day archives good conditions until the last days of the month when it got stable. Most days were flyable at Woodside or Bridal.

August 2003 Site of the Day archives Forest closures made the end of the month a non-flying period unless you headed to Blanchard. FlyBC SIV 2003 was a great success with 9 stunt pilots and no deployments or crashes.

July 2003 Site of the Day archives we flew most days early at Woodside until it got windy, then over to Bridal. Good Golden flying reports from the "Willi".

June 2003 Site of the Day archives we flew most weekdays at Bridal, Woodside worked most weekends. Bridal Air Races had one great day with only two tree landings!

May 2003 Site of the Day archives not a great weather month on the coast, especially on the weekends but a few pilots managed to get some great airtime at Bridal. The Nationals were held in Lumby and it didn't rain!

April 2003 Site of the Day archives rain for 28 of 30 April days, but we managed to get a few flights in between showers. Even the golfers were complaining!

March 2003 Site of the Day archives some high spring flights in early March, but not a great weather month. Still no HPAC Insurance!

February 2003 Site of the Day archives some nice long spring flights in late February. HPAC Insurance expired on Feb 14, so many pilots stayed home instead of getting USHGA coverage.

January 2003 Site of the Day archives lots of rain all month in BC so we bailed and headed to Tapalpa Mexico for three weeks. Norm and Lucille had a great XC flight the first day we arrived.

December 2002 Site of the Day archives lots of rain all month.

November 2002 Site of the Day archives not a great flying month, lots of rain in the beginning and then super stable and inverted for the balance of the month. Even the Savona Road Trip wasn't that great. Looking forward to Mexico!

October 2002 Site of the Day archives Still soarable some days, great fun at the Women's Fly In 2002 in Chelan. Allan logged 15 hours and only flew a few days. Most of the students are ready for signoff soon to get ready for Mexico trips!

September 2002 Site of the Day archives Still soarable most everyday! Some scary incidents at Woodside. Fun flying at Ashcroft.

August 2002 Site of the Day archives More spring-like days with super lapse rates, great fun up-country at Revelstoke and Mara, with some good XCs for all.

July 2002 Site of the Day archives Some spring-like days with super lapse rates, but still rather wet at times.

June 2002 Site of the Day archives another rainy and windy month with great lapse rates, some great flights at Bridal with some getting above Cheam Peak. The Club Cup was nearly rained out but they got one valid task in on Sunday June 30.

May 2002 Site of the Day archives an extremely rainy month with the more spring mayhem, another reserve deployment at Lil Nick and a pilot crashed at the top of Deroche Mountain, uninjured but with a ripped glider and long hike down the mountain. Colleen placed 5th place at the Canadian PG Nationals in rainy Lumby!

April 2002 Site of the Day archives a rainy month with the usual spring mayhem, one reserve deployment at Woodside and a pilot hit a parked car at Bridal LZ, fracturing his leg.

March 2002 Site of the Day archives a few great days days with lots of snow and rain mixed in.

February 2002 Site of the Day archives two epic days already (4.5 hours and 2.5 hours!).

January 2002 Site of the Day archives Mexico vacation shots, some local flying but it was wet on the coast.

December 2001 Site of the Day archives pretty stable locally, wettest December on record, some good days sprinkled thru the month.

November 2001 Site of the Day archives pretty stable locally, had some good days at Woodside +2 hours, lots of rain later in the month.

October 2001 Site of the Day archives pretty stable locally, but great flying at Chelan at the Women's Fly In.

September 2001 Site of the Day archives starting to get pretty stable, more sled rides forecast for October.

Aug 2001 Site of the Day archives Mara, Bridal, till some great flights locally

July 2001 Site of the Day archives Road Trip Month, Golden, Mara, points east!

June 2001 Site of the Day archives Great Month, 3 hours of airtime for some pilots every time they flew Bridal Lower! Some getting up to 6 hours in a single flight!

May 2001 Site of the Day archives Unstable Month, 2-3 hours of airtime for some pilots every time they flew Bridal Lower!

April 2001 Site of the Day archives Rainy Month, not as much airtime for some pilots

March 2001 Site of the Day archives Spring has Sprung!

February 2001 Site of the Day archives Spring is in the Air!

January 2001 Site of the Day archives - Mexico Flying Trip

December 2000 Site of the Day archives

November 2000 Site of the Day archives (great month for airtime!)

October 2000 Site of the Day archives

September 2000 Site of the Day archives

July - August 2000 Site of the Day archives

June 2000 Site of the Day archives

March - May 2000 Site of the Day archives

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