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Dateline: September 13, 2002

FlyBC Airsports Paragliding Ltd. is commissioned to perform Indoor Paragliding at a BC Lions home game.

Setup involves a Polaris ATV supplied by the Lions, standard ATOL release system and 100 feet of line.

Towing paraglidiers like this has never sucessfully been done in BC Place Stadium.

BC Place Stadium - downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada

looks like a big marshmallow from outside

What is the largest crowd you have launched in front of?

How about 20,000 people!

Inside BC Place!

At a BC Lions Game!

During half time!

It went very well, despite the butterflies one feels launching in front of others.

Thanks to the team of professionals that helped me; Margit, Mark D, Nicole, Colleen, Wayne B; it came off perfectly and the crowd loved it.

The setup

The Launch

The Flight

The Approach over the goal posts

The Landing and hitting the mascot (as planned)

September 27, 2002

Rob, Nicole and Stray Cat

Rob shows Stray Cat how to launch

Rob is very high!

The mascot "Stray Cat"

Stray Cat is laid out, photo by Dan Keen

Stray Cat launches, photo by Dan Keen

Stray Cat glides, photo by Kim Stallnecht

Stray Cat flies, photo by Dan Keen

Stray Cat lands and crashes into a heap, photo by Dan Keen

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