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FlyBC "Site of the Day" - Dec 2000 Archives

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We will endeavour to keep this page current by 7:00 AM on flying days. Please check the date of the top of the table to be sure it is a current flying day. We will post the results after the day has been completed, check back to see how successful the "call" was. Send us your flight reports here!

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news What's new around the Vancouver Flying scene.

Date Site Forecast Precip. Winds Aloft
3000 ft.
January  1 Woodside Cloudy with sunny breaks. Chance of showers in the AM. 40% POP early in the day 220° at 17 knots Happy New Year, hope for clear skies.

December 31 Woodside Cloudy with sunny breaks. Chance of showers in the AM. 40% POP early in the day 190° at 11 knots Hope you get a flight today! Keep your fingers crossed! Only a couple days left to fly in 2000.

December 30 Woodside/alternate Hemlock Cloudy with sunny breaks. Chance of showers in the AM. 40% POP early in the day 150° at 10 knots Hope you get a flight today! Keep your fingers crossed! Only a couple days left to fly in 2000.

December 29 Woodside first choice/Sumas Mtn as alternate if upper level winds are east Cloudy (10000' ceiling) 40% POP late in the day 160° at 14 knots (3000') then 180° at 10 knots before dark Hope you get a flight today!

December 28 Sumas Mtn Sunny with increasing cloud. 20% POP 130° at 17 knots (3000') Site of the Day was down for a few days because the web guy caught a virus and was out of service, sorry.

December 25 Whidbey Island (or stay home and enjoy your turkey dinner! Cloudy 80% POP 160° at 20 knots (3000') Send us your reports!

December 24 Whidbey Island Cloudy with sunny breaks!
Cloudbase is 900 ft at 11:00 am
20% POP 150° at 11 knots (0') Sea Level Send us your reports!

December 23 Whidbey Island occasional rain 60% POP 150° at 19 knots (3000'), Locally Windy! Whidbey was soarable (and no rain) from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm according to NOAA reports, did anyone fly there?

December 22 Go Christmas Shopping! Rain/Snow (snow in eastern sections!) 80% POP 120° at 16 knots (3000'), Locally Windy! It is probably going to stay this way until Sunday

December 21 Stay Home Rain/Snow (freezing precip in eastern sections!) 100% POP 140° at 22 knots (3000'), Locally Windy! Stay tuned!

December 20 Sumas in the AM Overcast 30% POP 110° at 18 knots (3000'), Locally Windy! Stay tuned!

December 19 Grouse (Sumas for the Fraser Valley) sun and clouds 20% POP 070° at 5 knots (3000') Stay tuned!

December 18 Stay Home Cloudy, rain in the PM 100% POP 190° at 10 knots (3000') Bev Lawlor wins "FlyBC's Rookie of the Year Award" for 2000! Watch for her in her shiny new Cocoon harness! See pictures on the news link at the top of this page!

December 17 Whidbey (alternate Blanchard) Partly Cloudy 20% POP 290° at 16 knots (3000') Whidbey Report - Ian and Ihor convinced us it was going to be good at Whidbey Island.

We arrived somewhat later than they did at around 2:30 PM to see JF Paradis floating high over the Landing. It was quite light at the bench launch area so I unpacked the tandem and went solo and could get up to his altitude over the Bluff.

Other pilots that ventured out got interesting rides and it was surmised that the wind was actually NW and we were flying in rotor, so we headed to the Fort launch.

Colleen, Robin, Ian, Brent and some WA pilots all got in the air, it was quite strong at the Fort. Diane and I went for a tandem flight and got high enough to see the entire island view open up below us. Robin became an offical member of the "Beach Boys" at the Fort! You can't call yourself a pilot if you haven't hiked up from the Fort.

Vancouver Island Report - After yesterday's completely overblown rain session, we were surprised to wake up to clear sunny skies this morning with the wind fairly strong out of the WSW.

Hmmmmm....maybe that new site beside Shanigan Lake, "Old Baldy Mountain" (900'above landing)? I called Claudio knowing that he would be a "sure thing" (whenever I think it may be flyable, he's in). I then called Bruce and he said he would bring his kids and his wing (in case we needed an extra) - even though he could only stay for a bit. so off we went.. (note: over 6 sites on the island are within an hour's drive from Victoria).

As soon as we hit the Malahat, there was over 10 cm of snow remaining from 2 days back. once at the gate leading to launch, we realized that the entire hike would be a mix of snow and ice - but that couldn't deter us.

On launch, the wind was perfect for soaring so i unpacked my wing. And then it picked up. strong! As Bruce had to leave, he encouraged Claudio to fly his wing down - and, during a lull, Claudio christened Old Baldy!! As he turned around to launch, he got an elevator ride up uP UP - to over 500 feet above. He could have gone higher but was concerned about airspace (we will look into that).

Turns out that the rocks in front of launch were generating quite strong thermals - and you can bet we will be sending in some great reports in days to come - Jayson

December 16 Stay Home or go Christmas Shopping! Rain 100% POP Surface winds are forecast to be 30-40 knots from the southeast (Bellingham and Whidbey are getting hammered again today). We will be flying tonight, you know the place! Preview of the video " A Higher Calling ".
December 15 Blanchard (alternate is Whidbey Island) Cloudy 50% POP Surface winds are forecast to be 10-15 knots from the southwest stay tuned!
December 14 Whidbey Island Cloudy 50% POP 170 @ 15 knots at 3000 feet (surface winds are forecast to be 10-15 knots from the south) stay tuned!
December 13 Grouse Mix of sun and cloud 0% POP 090 @ 6 knots at 3000 feet (northerly at 6000 feet) Grouse Report - Justin, Ian J and I headed to Grouse for a flight at 2:00 pm.

When we got to the top we decided it was too easterly to attempt the Peak Launch so we headed to the Cut. We walked to where we launch and there were 4 snow making machines in our flight path pumping out snow! After careful consideration we started to leave.

As we hiked up to the top, I mentioned a possible launch site on the run east of the Cut. Eric and I scoped it out last Sunday and deemed it do-able, so I was sent off first.

As I launched, I hit no lift and had to fly down the ski run until it joined the Cut below the snow makers, and then I was okay to get out to the valley.

Justin followed running most of the way down the ski slope and landed after me in the LZ. At least we got a flight. Ian J decided that he didn't feel up to the hike back up if it didn't go well.

Grouse Management has allowed us to do these exploratory flights when the hill is closed for skiing, and when there are no helicopters operating. Check with Peter Graf or Jim Reich for operating limitations before flying these alternate launches at Grouse.

December 12 Sumas Possible Locally Windy? 0% POP 090 @ 6 knots at 3000 feet (northerly at 6000 feet) stay tuned!
December 11 Stay Home Locally Gusty East Winds? -18° C Windchill (yikes!) 20% POP 090 @ 16 knots at 3000 feet (northerly at 6000 feet) stay tuned!
December 10 Stay Home (Snowfall warning issued) Locally Gusty East Winds? -12° C Windchill (yikes!) 20% POP 040 @ 11 knots at 3000 feet (northerly at 6000 feet) Grouse Report - Eric called me at noon, and said it looked good at Grouse! I said he was nuts, but joined him anyway and we went up the tram to the top.

No wind on the ground or on the ride up. We arrived at the top and surveyed the launch options - Peak Chair not running yet, so we would have to hike. As we approached the Peak Office to sign in, we noticed some east wind so we elected to go to the Cut. There were no helicopters operating (we can't use the Cut if they are flying). Also, no skiing on the Cut yet, not enough snow.

This summer Grouse Resorts replaced the two lifts on the Cut with a high speed quad which makes launching on the Cut much easier. We had to wait for the cloudbase to open up because it would develop and obscure the valley floor. I saw a good opening and launched first try in light upslope winds. The clouds cleared while flying in a turn so I shot this pic.

I ground skimmed for a few seconds as the mountain pulled away, and flew left down the gulley beside the cut, what a view!

Eric launched after me and we soared below the Cut for 40 minutes before he bailed out due to cold hands. Eric on final at Grouse, notice the glassy lake (no wind)

We recorded 4 m/s (720 ft/min.) lift while soaring - Jim

December 9 Baker Drive Elementary, Coquitlam Cloudy with sunny periods. A few showers or wet flurries this morning mainly near Hope. Colder with gusty outflow wind developing. High near 4 40% POP Light and Variable at 3000 feet (northerly at 6000 feet) Reserve Deployment Clinic went very well, 20 pilots attended to throw their reserves (some three times until they got it right).

Most pilots also practiced tree self rescue using the Munter Hitch belay method.

FlyBC will run more clinics like this in the spring.

Thanks to all who attended, and special thanks to those that helped out (Kelly, Ian, Claudio).

December 8 Woodside High 7 0% POP 260 @ 10 knots at 3000 feet (northerly at 6000 feet) Woodside Report - For Norm and I both went up to Woodside and it was coming in fairly strong. I did a reverse off, and then went right up. I soared awhile but was in the clouds, Norm launched and went right up and in the clouds, cloud base was low. I flew out and got over to the bail out area, and decided to head back, I managed to scratch a wee bit and before long was up above launch for the second time. Norm and I were so cold we decided to land, we had to retrieve my vehicle and get to work. We both had a 40 min flight and could have been longer if we were not so cold. Loads of fun. Later Allan D and Rob S showed up and did some cloud flight pulling big ears right away, Allan said he got sink and was not moving forward but he did get out to the lz. They landed before I got down with my vehicle. The weather was getting worse by then and stronger conditions - Bev
December 7 Sumas or Stay Home Clear, High 5-9, gusty outflow winds 0% POP 070 @ 15 knots at 3000 feet (northerly at 6000 feet) Reserve Deployment Clinic Dec 9, click on the news link above to get details!
December 6 Woodside Clear, High 10. 20% POP Light and Variable at 3000 feet (northerly at 6000 feet) Woodside Report - Had a great day of flying Robin, and we both got 4 flights in. Flew side by side talking while flying it was real neat. Ian think got in 2 flights and Norm got 1 but he wanted to stay down in the lz and practice his forward inflations - Bev (good practice for winter launching in zero winds - Editor).
December 5 Sumas Clear, High 9. 0% POP 080 degrees at 8 knots at 3000 feet (early report, gusty outflow winds for eastern sections forecast for morning) Pilot reports wanted here.

December 4 Woodside (or stay home) Clear High 11. 10% POP Light and Variable at 3000 feet (early report, yet gusty outflow winds for eastern sections forecast for morning?) No reports rec'd yesterday, Abbotsford NOAA winds were NE 3-4 knots all day, so not too gusty.
December 3 Sumas Clearing High 10. 10% POP 110 degrees at 16 knots at 3000 feet The upper level wind forecast indicates that it may be too strong for paragliders, however the past few days the forecast has been wrong both in terms of speed and direction. There is a low over the coast of Washington that will pull air from northern BC over us today causing northerly outflow conditions.
December 2 Woodside is clearing up! Clearing High 10. 20% POP 260 degrees at 9 knots at 3000 feet Woodside Report - only Don Smith (HG) was able to fly Saturday. It was too strong for paragliders, and after Don flew for about 40 minutes it started to rain so we went for lunch. You have to have patience to fly an aircraft with the "flight envelope of a butterly".

Victoria Report - Sunny and clear at Dallas Road here today - and the wind blew SW for most of the day! I ended up soaring the ridge for over an hour (Claudio flew for a bit, then helped Bruce practice kiting). It is December, isn't it? People were taking photos like crazy, so maybe I will get a hold of some to send in. How did you guys do? The kite-surfers were getting some good air as well (too bad that they have to get cold and wet!) - Jayson

December 1 Whidbey Island Showers at times. High 10. 30% POP SE winds 15-25 km/hr (KOMO weather report) Whidbey Report - no pilot reports yet, but Whidbey Island NOAA reported soarable winds from 11-1 pm and no rain.

Fraser Valley Report - desperate dare-devils Kelly and Ian J headed to Sumas, wind over the back. On to Vedder, started to rain.

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