FlyBC Paragliding Video Gallery

New Quo Vadis Harness from SupAir - for hike & flying .

SCirroco is a new Speed Wing from Skycountry .

Cool & Funny Video from Kevin Ault

The Ozone Delta Video from Ozone 2011

The Ozone Anti-G Video from Preacher

Beginner Paraglider Video

Beginner Paraglider Video shot at Eagle Ranch in Harrison Mills, BC

Experienced Pilot shot this video at Mt. Woodside in Harrison Mills, BC on October 2, 2010

FlyBC from Kevin Ault on Vimeo.

The Ozone Delta from Ozone Films on Vimeo.

Mt. Woodside B.C. Paragliding from Gerry LaMarsh on Vimeo.

You Tube Link from Saturday September 12 Tandem Event with Paul Fehr who turns 91 years young!

You Tube Link from Tandem Event with Nicole who turns 16 years old!

Ozone Mantra R10.2 from Brett Hazlett on Vimeo.

Wouter soaring Dutch Dunes in March 2010

Williams Lake, BC Album Here - a site rediscovered by Bill, Eric and Juan from Horsefly.

Delayed Broadcast of a paragliding solo flight on February 27, 2010 in Tapalpa (my last flight on the FlyBC Winter Tour there this year), I kicked butt as the locals sunk out and I was able to top-land - thanks to Colleen for the filming!

Biff and Brad Do Denver, CO from Kevin Ault on Vimeo.

Kevin and Brad on their new Ozone Swifts in Colorado

Cool German Video!

Our Mexico Tour 2009=2010 Photos are now up online and evolving daily

Our Cheam 2009 Photos are now up online

Wouter's Cheam Videos are now up online

Wouter`s Video Gallery from Coupe d'Icare in France September 2008

FlyBC SIV 2008 Full Video - Part I - by Wouter

Belated YouTube Video from Revelstoke SIV Course - Wouter in Revelstoke July 2008 flying his Gin Gangster.

Silver Team Austria . Awesome Ozone Acro Video!

Miguel's Summer 2008 Flying Video - it is all a distant memory (sigh).

Ozone Octane FLX Video - "How easy is it to helicopter the Octane FLX?"

Another Women's Fly-In Costume Video - Ernie Friesen's Flying Wine Taster Outfit .

Women's Fly-In Video - no names are revealed to protect the participants.

FlyBC Paragliding Photo Gallery

Blanchard Photos from a Hangie on November 4, 2008.

Alex's pictures from the day we went towing on Pitt Lake with Ted are here.

The offical FlyBC Picasaweb Link for the Women's Fly In 2008 in Chelan WA.

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FlyBC's Pilot Lounge and Classroom

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Five Star Hotel Landing in the distance at Lake Chapala, Mexico (20 km XC) in 2004. The Lake is now full to the banks as of 2010.

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Five Star Hotel Landing Zone, Mexico

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3 pilots over Bridal Falls, BC July 2004

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Magenta (Colleen) at the Women's Fly-In 2004 Chelan WA

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The view east of Enderby on an XC Fliht from Mara Lake BC

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San Marcos, Mexico. January 2004

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Cross at San Marcos, Mexico

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El Pinon - at Valle de Brav, Mexico

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Chelan Falls Park Landing Zone, Chelan WA

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Jim doing a Tandem at the Women's Fly-In, Chelan WA

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Gaggle forming over Valle de Brave Launch in Mexico

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Lakeside Landing Zone north view (note proximity of fences), now much bigger since a 2007 upgrade by the locals.

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San Marcos Scenery

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More San Marcos scenery

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Vernon Mountain Action Day 3 of the PG Nats in Lumby, May 2003

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Klaus enjoys a day at Pale Face. The glider is now retired!

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If anybody could secure a flying site for the rest of their lives it would be you and Colleen! Congratulations! They will be pushing you off of Woodside when you are 90 and in a wheelchair, I am sure - Justin

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Othar Lawrence "throws down" over Colorado.

OJ is a Red Bull Team Member!

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Kelly Rand launching a Presta at Woodside on Feb 11, 2002.

Kelly landed at Bill Best's field with a big grin. Note the snow is two feet deep at launch still!

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Jim Reich at Jocotepec Mexico, January 24, 2002 on a Presta. Launched at noon and climbed out quickly with a turkey vulture before top landing to drive down to retrieve the rest of the pilots.

Joco launch is one of the smallest launch sites I have seen, but the view is amazing and worth the trip.

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Greg Hemingway at San Marcos, Mexico, January 19, 2002. Launched at 5:00 pm on the Presta and flew for a while before top landing to swap back to his Octane Small to do some SATs.

Greg is the little spec in the clouds, the lower glider is a local pilot on an Advance glider who never got up!

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Allan Dickey and Ian Johnston soaring in front of Woodside Nov 27, 2000.

Allan and I landed near Agassiz, unable to penetrate to the LZ before it got dark!

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Lars Taylor launches his Allegra for his first Chelan Butte flight!

That is Arlana running after him as she pushes him off launch.

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Mike Smith, WA pilot launches his canoe at the Womens Fly In 2000.

Great flight with some interesting yawing action at the LZ during the S turns!

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Colleen at Saddle Mtn., WA - Fall 1998, at the Women's Fly-In, first pilot off the hill!

APCO Prima 24. Photo by Murdoch Hughes.

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Cow at Saddle Mtn., WA - Fall 1998, at the Women's Fly-In, Paul Bonneau, Seattle based PG pilot.

Check out the nipples! Photo by Murdoch Hughes.

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Too Windy at Whidbey - I tried to launch my tandem with Colleen with the help of two big guys ballasting me, we all went up and landed in a dog-pile.

Too windy!

I waited for a few minutes and then took Colleen's new Santana (small) glider for a flight.

I was about 45 lbs over the placarded weight range and was able to soar quite nicely on the Santana.

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