FlyBC Site for the Day - March/April/May 2000

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Date Site Forecast Winds Aloft Comments Results
May 30 Woodside High 18 280 @ 12 at 3000 feet Possible thunderstorms forecast in the PM, 80% POP in Abbotsford. Alternate site is Blanchard if over-development occurs. it rained all day in Abbotsford, Norm said he flew woodside yesterday before it got crappy, his flight was good.
May 29 Woodside High 16 250 @ 6 at 3000 feet Possible thunderstorms forecast in the PM no pilot reports, Alan Dickey advised Vancouver fliers to stay in Vancouver because of over-development over Bridal at 11:00 AM
May 28 Blanchard/Bellingham High 14 180 at 9 knots at surface, 240 @ 11 at 3000 feet low cloudbase at 1400 feet The LZ will be wet, land on the road that goes thru the LZ
May 26-27 Savona High 19 190 at 6 knots at 3000 feet Mostly cloudy, slight chance of showers New students got 4 high flights per day, lots of training hill practice and it only rained 60 mins during the two days! Sometimes you have to put in the road time to get a flight in BC.
May 25 Woodside High 21 250 at 7 knots at 3000 feet good thermals calculated (700 ft/min), cloudbase > 9000 feet Bev says "Rough and rodeo ride. Came down min sink in the centre of lz. Norm rates the flight from a 1-10 it was a 2, and all the thermals were blown into pieces and he could not turn in them to stay in them."
May 24 Lil Nick High 17 280 at 11 knots at 3000 feet! good lapse rate, recommend Lil Nick due to strong upper level winds Rob Samplonious flew Bridal Falls lower launch solo. Had to wait after 7:30pm for winds to calm down enough to launch with reasonable safety. Smooth flight compared to some recent ones, mostly ridge lift. Winds still relatively strong (25-30 kph) farther away from the hillside. Landing went smoothly as LZ winds were much lighter (10-15kph). 29 minutes flight time.
May 23 Bridal Falls High 20 light and variable at 3000 feet, 310 @ 6 knots at 6000 good lapse rate, recommend Bridal due to northerly component in upper level winds (and lots of cow crap in the Woodside LZ) Alan D. flew Bridal and a few of us flew Woodside in rough air, lots of collapses reported. I flew to Harrison for ice cream, Tim Boersma flew to Aggasiz, last flight at 6:00 lasted 1.5 hours in 4 m/s lift!
May 20-22 Pemberton Mackenzie High 20 light and variable at 3000 feet Paragliding competition starts Saturday at 11:00 AM Rained out Saturday, went to Savona - blown out Sunday (two people didn't get thru Duffy Lake Road before an avalanche stopped them), moved to Woodside Monday and got blown out there too. Mother Nature won this weekend.
May 19 Woodside High 16 light and variable at 3000 feet big thermals calculated (750 ft/min), cloudbase > 5300 feet stay tuned
May 17 Stay Home Cool Windy Rainy I even forgot to post the call of the day it looked so ugly
May 16 Bridal Falls High 24 250 degrees at 8 knots at 3000 feet big thermals calculated, high cloudbase >8000 feet stay tuned
May 15 Woodside High 24 Light and Variable big thermals calculated, high cloudbase >8000 feet Very windy at Woodside, same at Bridal until 6:00 pm, pilots got 2 hours launching after 6:00 pm
May 14 Pemberton High 16 Light and Variable clear air, thermal index is huge >900 ft/min calculated stay tuned
May 13 Pemberton High 16 090 @ 10 knots clear air, thermal index is huge >900 ft/min expected. Hopefully will let us launch thru the east winds and take us to Hurley Pass. Ian Porter and un-identified french pilot made an out and return to Hurley Pass (over 60 km) in difficult east winds. Lots of great flights. Glass-off occured at 6:30 pm with pilots climbing 1000 feet over launch in minutes.
May 12 Lil Nick/Woodside High 16 Light and Variable rain tapering to a few morning showers. If the sun comes out the thermals will be nasty! Beware the moist air after all the rain. It will get unstable fast. It was a great Woodside day Friday, I arrived at 4:00 and launched tandem with Bev L. and we flew to Harrison. Glen T and Ian J stayed in the air for 3 hours over Woodside Mtn.
May 11 Stay Home and read a book! High 12 260 @ 15 knots!! at 3000 feet 100% chance of showers! Wait for tomorrow, rain tapering to a few morning showers.
May 10 Pemberton High 11 250 @ 16 knots!! at 3000 feet 70% chance of showers, with possible thundershowers . I didn't even want to drive to Pemberton because the rain was so heavy, let alone try to fly!!
May 9 Pemberton High 13 180 @ 5 knots at 3000 feet 40% chance of showers, with sunny periods. No pilot reports available.
May 8 Woodside High 16 220 @ 5 knots at 3000 feet possible over-development leading to showers due to huge lapse rate. Rained until 3:00 pm at Woodside, forecast changed after the "call" was made. Had no pilot reports but it would have been pretty sinky air based on the virga in Vancouver area.
May 7 Pemberton High 12 light and variable all day to 9000 feet Flying Mackenzie, will be on 146.490 monitoring. Mackenzie was very SPRING-like Sunday! Big Air under sunny skies. Thermals roaring thru at 35 km/hr. Last flight of the day had locals Reto, Suzie, Jeff, Derek all showing us how to fly. About 10 gliders soared for 1.5 hours over launch climbing to 4500 feet or more. I had to do spirals and big ears to land at the school, it was going up at 1.5 m/s over the valley at 7:00 pm (idiot-lift!). I hope it stays this good for the May 20th PG Meet at Mackenzie.
May 6 Lil Nick/Bridal Falls Scattered showers this AM. High 13 220 @ 6 knots @ 3000 feet after noon FlyBC is heading to Pemberton/Mackenzie, suggest locals stay to lower launch sites due to lower cloudbases today. When it gets sunny the thermals will be strong!! Stay tuned
May 5 Whidbey/Blanchard/Woodside Some clouds/rain this AM. High 16 240 @ 12 knots @ 3000 feet after noon mixed bag, with possible Thunderstorms, who knows what is going to happen lately. Probably drier air near the coast, thunderstorms near the mountains
May 4 Whidbey Some clouds this AM. High 14 220 @ 13 knots @ 3000 feet after noon rain possible. Bev indicated flyable conditions May 4 at Woodside.
May 3 Blanchard/Whidbey Some clouds/rain this AM. High 15 220 @ 14 knots after noon rain starting late afternoon Thunderstorms, rain and hail in Vancouver
May 2 Lil Nick Some clouds this AM. High 15 180 @ 14 knots after noon rain starting late afternoon Bev, Norm and Brian (The Three Musketeers) flew Woodside in nice smooth air.
May 1 Bridal Falls/Lil Nick/Woodside Some clouds. High 16 180 @ 6 knots after noon some instability due to rain Sunday Watch the birds for a clue to the turbulence that may be expected.
April 29 Bridal Falls/Lil Nick Sunny all day. High 16 150 @ 9 knots after noon HG Comp is on at Woodside April 29/30 Watch the birds for a clue to the turbulence that may be expected.
April 28 Blanchard/Whidbey Rain with possible Thundershowers in the PM. High 16 Windy on the coast now! Stay closer to the coast to remain away from overdeveloping clouds near the mountains. Watch the birds for a clue to the turbulence that may be expected.
April 27 Blanchard/Whidbey Rain with possible Thundershowers in the PM. High 18 180 @ 14 knots at 3000 feet Stay closer to the coast to remain away from overdeveloping clouds near the mountains. There was a 2 hour soarable period at noon but otherwiise rained out the balance of the day.
April 26 Woodside Cloudy with sunny periods. High 16 110 @ 6 knots at 3000 feet Leeside day, may not be launchable unless sun heats Woodside Mtn. Cloudbase 4500 feet. I didn't head out because I saw rapid cloud movement from the east, no pilot reports yet.
April 25 Blanchard/Whidbey Cloudy with high 14 220 @ 22 knots! at 3000 feet Strong South winds at 6:00 am, could be a good soaring day on the coast. Review of the Blanchard weather showed best winds and no rain. No pilot reports yet.
April 24 Woodside Sunny high 15 110 @ 10 knots Some confusion over forecasts between Abbotsford and Vanc. May be a leeside day, so recommend less experienced pilots watch the locals fly first and get a report before launching! Totally leeside all day. Blowing over the back most of the time when the sun was blocked. Thermals were over 6 m/s up with -4 m/s sink. Some great climbs to cloudbase with limited XC for the PGs today. Only about 4 PGers flew.
April 21-23 Savona Deadmans Sunny high 19! 210 @ 5 knots HG Comp and PG fly-in Friday: A few PGs got in the air before it got very strong! Comments later in the Pub included "I gave up trying to get down because my hands were frozen and just waited for the thermals to quit". Saturday was blown out. Sunday was great soaring at the Dump Site in east winds. Students got 3-4 soaring flights with a few top landings on their second day flying.
April 20 Woodside Sunny high 17! 220 @ 6 knots Lapse rate is -3 degrees/1000 feet, very strong stay tuned
April 19 Whidbey Island Sunny high 16! Light and Variable Lapse rate is -3 degrees/1000 feet, very strong Locally windy forecast for Fraser Valley
April 18 Lil Nick/Woodside Sunny high 20! 230 @ 9 knots (3000') 8900 ft cloudbase calculated Alan, Klaus, Glen, Monica, waited at the top of Loggers Leap (Bridal) to fly until 6:00 pm, when the winds dropped enough to launch. Dion flew backwards for a while at Woodside on speedbar ("his Flame just isn't as fast as the Booster"). Glen, Monica and I drove down because we had prior commitments.
April 17 Lil Nick/Bridal/Woodside Sunny high 20 in the valley! Light and Variable (3000'/6000') 6900 ft cloudbase Pilots flew Little Nick, Woodside and Bridal today. Alex and Alan cross-country from Little Nick to Bear Mtn., Hangliders: Woodside to near Mission Bridge (Jeff Remple/Dan Keen). Rob S. flew Woodside to Harrison. Lift 4m/s, sink 4m/s, went to 1600m ASL, while Alex and Alan at times 2000m ASL. Trashy conditions reported in the LZ, pilots landing every which way (mostly downwind). If the windsocks are dead land to the North to be sure.
April 16 Lil Nick/Bridal/Woodside Cloudy with Sunny Periods 280 at 9 knots (3000') 5000 ft cloudbase, weaker thermals < 500 ft/min Flew 4 flights at Woodside, Bridal was clouded in, Comp was not a valid day because no one could go XC beyond the 8 km bailout distance.
April 15 Blanchard/Whidbey Island Cloudy 220 at 12 knots (3000') Low Cloudbase - 2100 feet Soared 300 ft over launch, students bagged three flights in smooth air.
April 14 Blanchard/Whidbey Island/Stay Home Cloudy/Showers 270 at 12 knots on the ground Low Cloudbase - 1100 feet No pilots reported
April 13 Blanchard Cloudy/Thundershowers 230 at 11 knots Low Cloudbase Light rain all day after 11 AM
April 12 Woodside/Loggers Leap Sunny 260 at 6 knots Cloudbase 4500 ft!! Bev said Norm and Brian flew, but that it got trashy so they went home after one flight at Woodside.
April 11 Loggers Leap Sunny with cloudy periods light and variable Cloudbase 6000 ft!! Heard Alan D, Glen T and Alex R at Bridal getting about an hour of airtime. Some good thermals, and ridge soaring waiting for more thermals to build under thin layers of overcast. I got an hour at Woodside getting to 1000 meters in 3 m/s lift (and -3.5 m/s sink).
April 10 Loggers Leap Sunny with cloudy periods light and variable Cloudbase 6000 ft!! I don't know about the other spots people might have flown but today(Monday) we (Rob S., Alan D., Glen T., and Delvin) had some pretty good flying at Black Mtn. Delvin introduced us to a new launch that he and Doug B. had been trying to develop. The drive up was a pleasant 10 to 15 minutes with no cross ditches or even pot holes to deal with. The launch vertical is about 1600 feet (guess?) and the wind blows straight up. The only problem we had was that there are thousands of roots sticking up to snag lines on. I think that the consensus among us was that this site had great potential, we just need to get launch in better condition. About conditions in the air: Lift of about 4m/s, maximum height 1400m or more (Delvin went above the summit of Black) Flights lasted until we were tired or cold (about 2 hours for Alan). Later Delvin had a second flight and said he thought that it was still very soarable (3m/s)eventhough it was almost 6:00pm. Rob Samplonious
April 9 Woodside/Loggers Leap Sunny 250 at 6 knots Cloudbase 4000 ft!! Cu forming over Hemlock at 8:30 AM
April 8 Woodside/Little Nic Sunny 040 at 8 knots Cloudbase 4500 ft!! Day 2 of the FV PG Comp. Most pilots struggled at 300 feet for 1.5 hours. At the end Brett, Russ and Mark D. headed over the back to make 5.8 km for an in-valid day.
April 7 Woodside/Little Nic Sunny breaks in the PM. UV 4.2. Light and Variable @ 3000 ft, 270/5 knots @ 6000 ft Cloudbase 6500 ft!! Alan Dickey made a great flight from Lil Nic to just past Ruby Creek after scratching low in front of Woodside. Klaus went from Lil Nic to Harrison School. Awesome flights guys. Colleen, Russ, Kelly made it to Harrison.
April 6 Blanchard chance of morning showers! Sunny breaks in the PM. 260 @ 9 knots @ 3000 ft Cloudbase variable Bellingham NOAA Weather report showed 10-20 km SW winds all afternoon with clear skies. No Pilot Reports yet.
April 5 Blanchard Hail, thunder, lightning! 270 @ 19 knots @ 3000 ft Cloudbase variable with TCU! conditions at Blanchard were soarable most of the afternoon, SW 10-15 knots, no rain or hail, cloudbase was reasonable. Woodside was rained out all day, as was Bridal and Lil Nic.
April 4 Whidbey Island Rainy periods in the morning, then some sunny breaks 260 @ 11 knots @ 3000 ft Cloudbase calculated at 3300 ft. I saw 2 fronts blow thru downtown Vancouver on April 4. I checked the Whidbey winds and it was very strong all day, it would have been a brave soul that launched there. April 4th - Alex and I went down to Whidbey again. Between 12-4pm the winds howled between 25-45 mph (NWN). We drowned our sorrows at Taco Bell. Dean Trueman.
April 3 Woodside Cloudy periods in the morning, then some sunny breaks Light and Variable to 3000 ft (west above) Cloudbase calculated at 4300 ft. Bev said the conditions were reversable at launch with light lift, only sled rides. I flew Grouse later in the day launching at 4:30 pm, but no lift under overcast skies (tailwind launch on snow).
April 2 Woodside Cloudy periods in the morning, then sunny all day Light and Variable to 6000 ft slight northerly flow aloft Day 1 of the Comp yielded a valid task with Dave Stanek, Brett Hazlett, Alex Raymont in goal at Ruby Creek. Several others made it to Harrison Beach. Not a high day but buoyant enough to cross the gaps.
April 1 Woodside Sun with cloudy periods in the morning 290 @ 25 km 7800 ft cloudbase! FlyBC Students to meet in the Woodside LZ at 9:30 AM, if you are later, get a ride to the Launch. Comp won't start until 12:30 or so. Apco Fiesta Demo available at Woodside this weekend, call Jim on 146.490 mhz at Woodside or 618-5467 on the cell.
March 31 Woodside Sun with cloudy periods light and variable @ 3000, 280 @ 10 at 6000 6500 ft cloudbase! The clouds blanked out the sun and the trigger temps were never realized. Lots of scratching all around but no one got more than 25 minutes.
March 30 Woodside Sun with cloudy periods light and variable @ 3000, 260 @ 12 at 6000 4778 ft cloudbase Dan Keen went HG to Hope on his CSX (click on CSX to see why). Other PGers got 1.5 hours over launch.
March 29 Woodside Sun with cloudy periods light and variable 6000 ft cloudbase Rumours have it that Alex Raymont went east within 2 km of Hope. Alan D. made it to Ruby Creek. Justin says full frontals on the A4 works to keep you out of cloud over Woodside. 1 hour flights until the sun got blocked out.
March 28 Whidbey all day Sun with cloudy periods SW 20 km 1800 ft cloudbase, Woodside might work but towering CU observed in rainy Abbotsford. Whidbey had SW winds up to 40 km all day. March 28th - Visited Whidbey with Alex Raymont and Dion Vuk. Wind was west between 17-35 mph during our visit. Alex flew for 30 minutes, Dion for 50 minutes. Glen and I waited for the wind to drop (it didn't - instead got stronger). Dean Trueman
March 27 Woodside all day Cloudy with some rainy periods SW 25 km 2800 ft cloudbase, ridge soaring til you are frozen. If it is raining, Whidbey might be your best bet. Alan D. said it was raining at 3:00, didn't think anyone flew.
March 26 Hemlock Resort (Woodside in the PM) Sunny SE 12 km (140) 6000 ft cloudbase, Calculated lapse rate is good -2.2 degrees per 1000 ft. Upper Level winds from SE 16 km, currently Hemlock in sunshine. Woodside is the alternate for the afternoon. Hemlock Fly-Inn yielded one flight in the AM, tailwind launches. 35 pilots at Woodside in the PM, no one got high (overcast). Little Nick team flew for 1 hour. FlyBC team flew Bridal Falls and Norm got 60 minutes on his new Fiesta. Robin and Fred soared.
March 25 Hemlock Resort Cloudy with sunny periods S 4 km 3100 ft cloudbase, Calculated lapse rate is very good -3 degrees per 1000 ft. Upper Level winds light and variable, currently Hemlock in some fog that blows through from the south. Hemlock Fly-In Sign in is at 9:30 AM, BOMBS are ready! Hemlock Fly-In had pilots flying all day at Hemlock, some ridge soaring in SW winds. Bomb drop made for good entertainment. Fly-In is on again on March 26 (Sunday).
March 24 Hemlock Resort Cloudy with rain late in the day SE 16 km 2800 ft cloudbase Got a call from Bev that everyone was flying Woodside?? She said it was trickling in at launch at 12:00 noon, but very switchy in the LZ. Some folks soared. Bev wishes she hadn't launched in the afternoon, the launch didn't go well, but she is okay. Watch for the Hemlock update for the Hemlock Fly-In this weekend! Call us at 604-797-0046 for a morning update.
March 23 Little Nick or Woodside Cloudy with sunny periods S 30 km 3500 ft cloudbase, rocking thermals Bev says that Jeff and Don flew their HGs and it was raining in the LZ so the PGers bailed on flying. Sounds like it might have overdeveloped, but I had to work anyway. Tom Hasek was at Grouse and he said it looked too strong to fly so he boarded.
March 22 Little Nick or stay home! rainy all day, heavy at times S 20 km + 1690 ft cloudbase rained all day, no one flew in Fraser Valley, low cloud base
March 21 Woodside cloudy, rain possible S 15 km 2500 ft cloudbase Bev and Norm flew, so did Klaus! 30 minutes airtime, big ears. Woodside industrial strength soaring. Lift over 4m/s, sink 5m/s, max alt 1100m ASL, launched about 1:30pm, landed 2hours 49minutes later, Alan D 3hours.
March 20 Woodside cloudy with sunny periods S 17 km rain late evening 1.5 hours of mixed thermal and ridge soaring, one top landing at 5:00 pm.
March 19 Blanchard (Bellingham) sunny, windy at times SW 20 km so far so good We all flew, 1 hr airtime soaring, some base jumping and tree landing! Little Nick and Woodside soarable. Alan and Larry both over one hour at Little Nick. Woodside soarable 3:30 to 5:30 pm. Rob Samplonius.
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