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Woodside is going to have rain for the next few days so no flying

“Confidence is the feeling you have before you understand the situation.” - unknown author
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Woodside is raining already at 6 am

Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
90% Precip. / 6.52 mm Rain. High 11C. Winds light and variable.
240° @ 25
-2.0°C (unstable)

700 metres
Coaches Corner - Eagle Ranch and FlyBC are closed today for flying.

Please vote now to help us design our Winter 2017 Tours - inland or coastal based tour suggestions attached below.

FlyBC is an authorized distributor for Ozone , Niviuk, SkyBean Varios, Gin , SupAir, Flytec, Naviter Products (Oudie 4 Basic & 4+), Blackhawk Paramotors , Wills Wing.

Used Gear List: Updated October 6, 2017

Supair Access Airbag harnesses (new) - $650 without reserve (great lightweight harness)
Supair Radical 3 reversible airbag harnesses - $750 without reserve
AirDesign Rise3 - EN-B - Medium good for 85-105 kgs - new demo stock - $4100 CDN
AirDesign EAZY SuperLight - EN-A - Small & Medium sizes good for 65-105 kgs - new demo stock - $3300 CDN
SupAir EONA (S/M/L) - EN-A demo wings - $2800 CDN without harnesses, all 2017 models
Ozone Mojo5 M - EN-A - 2017 model with 40 sled rides - $2800
SupAir Leaf Lite Small - EN-B - 75 - 95 kgs - $3500 CDN - 2017 demo model - come for a test flight.
Gin Sprint 3 M - 2016 model - 45 flights - $2700 CDN.
Ozone Delta 2 ML - EN-C - 2013 Model - $1500 in great shape with no damage.
Ozone Zeno M in Orange - now in stock and ready for test flights! - $4000 CDN
BGD Dual Tandem - 40 hours - $2000 CDN - also a good paramotor quad wing

Paramotors for sale:
BlackHawk 125Lite Paramotor the new 125Lite Paramotor, 5 lbs lighter than the previous model - $7995 USD with Edge glider of your size. BlackHawk 125 Lite Paramotor

Blackhawk EDGE 30 paramotor glider (rated EN-B) - $1500 CDN - good to 110 kgs without motor or 140 with motor - 2016 model with 20 flights-
Woodside is cloudy but flyable today after noon when the clouds lift

Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
Mostly Sunny. High 17C. Winds light and variable.
190° @ 5
-2.0°C (unstable)

800 metres
Woodside Report - we had two new students, Zayden & Brian on the training hill and they were doing extremely well despite light conditions.

We had Zayden set up on the training hill when it went west for some time, due to the outflow and I said "give it a try" and he launched with a +10 kph tailwind and got the EAZY M over his head and ran down the slope perfectly!

The NW outflow continued for about an hour so the guys were doing forward launches towards Sasquatch Mtn. and were keeping their gliders up for 2-3 minutes with ease.

They were deemed ready to fly and we did a landing briefing and answered any last minute questions.

Zayden did take a tandem about a month ago so he knew the approach, but it is good to do a refresher when pilots have been away for sometime.

We headed up to launch today after noon. We arrived to a huge crowd on top with light cycles.

One by one intermediate pilots were launching and some stayed up and others sunk out but it was smooth and it was time to fly so Zayden went first and despite having a lazy launch run, the AirDesign EAZY flew him off the hill and he had about a 15 minute flight landing near the circle.

Brian got ready next and he was flying a SupAir EONA M and he had a super committed launch and he was off and flying well. Lots of airtime to practice weight shift turns and S turns over Duncan's farm.

We took another load up and relaunched Zayden & Brian again and they did well, especially for their first day of solo flying. The FlyBC system works well to get pilots airborne faster.

Zayden had to head off to home by 4 pm, so it was just Brian for the balance of the day and Brian got one more flight. This time the launch winds had picked up to +20 kph and Brian had a perfect launch and was 2 metres over my head and still on the carpeted area.

He got to soar some on this flight and had his third perfect landing and was able to kite the wing for sometime after landing.

Good day all around for advance and beginner pilots. Martin N top-landed after a low save from 240 metres and drove someones truck down. Good teamwork.

Others got 2-3 hours of soaring, with Derek topping out at 1100 metres to the north cliffs where he said he was going backwards.

None of these conditions were represented on CanadaRASP, rather it looked like a lame day but good for students. Probably pre-frontal conditions that the RASP never predicted.

31st Annual Halloween Women’s Fly-In
Chelan, WA
October 28-29, 2017

Close out the 2017 flying season with one of the best fly-ins of the year--complete with flying costumes and contraptions, a little special treatment for women pilots and a potluck dinner and dance on Saturday night. Saturday is the big day for the spot landing competition, chili contest, costume contest and party.

Plan to stay to fly if the weather is good on Sunday. Chelan is beautiful this time of year, with brilliant fall colors and spawning salmon visible from the air. If you have never flown Chelan, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with this world class site in P2-friendly fall conditions.

All proceeds are used to enhance and maintain Chelan Butte and Saddle Mountain for paragliding and hang gliding. Funds support road maintenance, porta potties, kiosks required by local government partners and managing agreements with landowners.

* Register on Saturday at Chelan Falls Park. Registration opens at 9:30 a.m. $30 for pilots, $15 for guests.
* Party starts at 7 p.m. at the Pilot’s Lounge at the Chelan Airport, 32 Airport Way, Chelan, WA 98816. (Chili contestants may arrive anytime after 6 p.m. to set up crockpots/cookers.)
* Party is potluck. Bring chili for the cook-off or some other yummy item to share.

What to bring:

· Chili for the Chili Cook-Off OR other potluck dish
· Halloween Costume
· Some $5 bills – going rate to reimburse volunteer drivers is $5 per ride to launch
· $30 registration fee

For complete info about the event, its history, full Chili Cook-Off and spot landing competition guidelines, visit the Halloween Women’s Fly-in page on the NW Paragliding Club website.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you have items to donate to give as prizes for the contests (chili, costume, spot landing). I will be creating a FB event on our club page if I can figure it out, and another one on the open Northwest Paragliding for our friends from other areas.

Call or email me for the Canadian Theme for costumes. We have a new idea that will certainly win the prize!

Woodside is cloudy but flyable today after noon when the clouds lift

Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
AM Showers. High near 10C. Winds light and variable.
240° @ 5
-2.0°C (unstable)

900 metres
Woodside Report - Martin N & Logan headed up the hill around 1 pm and got some soaring for about 30 minutes.

John W was out kiting his new Ozone Spyder PPG Wing and we headed up around 4 pm to retrieve Logan's car and get John a flight on his new ship and it was very soarable then.

Note it was snowing on Sasquatch in the background while everyone was flying.

Woodside is getting some rain today but should clear out and be soarable by 3 pm

Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
Partly Cloudy. High 11C. Winds light and variable.
240° @ 10
-2.0°C (unstable)

900 metres
Woodside Report - Eagle Ranch and FlyBC were open today after 3 pm; when Bev, Norm & Martin headed up the mountain.

Derek and I arrived at the same time to see Bev heading out after getting "cloud suck" into the white room where she froze her fingers.

Martin hung in for about 40 minutes waiting for Norm to launch as it was leeside.

When Derek & I arrived on launch it had shaded in and Norm & Martin were in the approach into the Ranch.

We drove down so I could do some brushing on the north property line.

Woodside is getting some rain today and for the balance of the week

Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
Cloudy. Rain beginning this morning and ending this afternoon then 30 percent chance of showers late this afternoon. High 11.
240° @ 7
-2.0°C (unstable)

1400 metres
Monsoon Report - Eagle Ranch and FlyBC were closed today due to heavy rain showers.

The Barn is now locked off to Public Entry due to a recent theft of a reserve from a new harness, so it will only be open for ground school sessions.

The parking area is being moved to behind the small barn as well, with a new fence being installed as soon as we can get the materials.

Woodside is getting some rain today and for the balance of the week

Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
Cloudy. Rain beginning this morning and ending this afternoon then 30 percent chance of showers late this afternoon. High 11.
240° @ 15
-2.0°C (unstable)

1400 metres
Tip of the Day - do not go to Ritchie Bros auctions looking for a bulldozer, you might end up with an excavator instead.

Woodside is getting some rain today and for the balance of the week

Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
Cloudy. Rain beginning this morning and ending this afternoon then 30 percent chance of showers late this afternoon. High 11.
240° @ 15
-2.0°C (unstable)

1400 metres
Monsoon Report - FlyBC was closed today due to rain showers. I was out doing some tractor work when it dumped heavily around noon. No chance of flying today.

Woodside is getting some cloud today but it should be soarable by 3 pm

Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
Partly Cloudy. High 14C. Winds light and variable.
240° @ 6
-2.0°C (unstable)

900 metres
Woodside Report - oddly it was quite busy at Woodside today. About 20 pilots came out despite a stable looking forecast and they were not disappointed!

I counted 15 gliders in the air and most pilots got 2 hours.

Vlad and Gary P top-landed to drive rigs down.

I had only Marwan here training today, while Monika wrote her P-2 exam before getting her 30th flight late in the day.

I got Marwan 3 flights today, he could have done a few more had he nailed his first launch attempts. He was flying the AirDesign EAZY medium wing today and it worked well for his launches after he committed and held his Bird Position!

Colleen had a pod problem and had to fly out on the first flight but got it sorted out for the last flight here.

Note the winds on the ground were strong outflow while Woodside was still pumping in straight and strong SW, love this launch site!

Jacek was doing video duties for everyone and had to do a "no wind reverse launch" at 6 pm tonight as it went catabatic and then calm.

Woodside is getting some sun today!

Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
Mix of sun and cloud. High 12C. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 km/h.
240° @ 12
-2.0°C (unstable)

1100 metres
Woodside Report - we were driving back from the Interior when we saw the clouds over Bear and Agassiz Mountains tilted from the NE. Yes definitely outflow earlier on.

We did not go up the mountain until 3 pm, when we saw other gliders climbing out.

I launched after Derek on the new AirDesign Rise 3 Medium. Nice launching glider and climbed out with Derek marking the thermals.

We flew north and south and all over the place and got up to 1000 metres easily.

I tracked to the north and saw Norm & Martin "duking it out" over the North cliffs. Later Norm got low over there and fortunately had the help of 4 eagles to get him back to cloudbase.

Everyone flew so my Van was still on launch and it was getting lighter lift so I headed in for a top-landing pass, came in too high and then was below launch for some time until a nice thermal took me over 800 metres.

The next pass I faded back over the parking lot and was still high but slowed the Rise 3 down enough to land right in the middle of the carpet.

Climb rate was good but not as good as Derek's Alpina2, but that is probably skillful piloting vs glider designs.

AirDesign Rise 3 Review by Ziad Bassel

I flew both the Rise 1 and 2. Here’s the Rise 3 from Air design. A high -end B with 5.95 AR and lots of design technologies from a Lightweight construction, to the Stabilo Winglets which are an interesting funny looking new feature, a Shark-Nose and Vortex Holes on the extremities , Mini-Ribs, Race unsheathed lines but it looks not that skinny, and tough enough, Thin performance Risers with a C-Control System !

Everything is there to show that AD are aiming for performance at first…Lets see…

Launching the Rise 3 is very easy without any hang back or surge. The light material has its benefits in the launch characteristic.

I flew the glider from 85 to 92 all up, to discover that flying it near the top weight is really efficient.(90-92) on the S size.

At 90 all up, the Rise 3 S has a short, precise brake travel and could be described as fairly agile.

The pressure on the brakes are moderate for the 10-15 cm of brake travel that actually are needed to steer the glider in all thermals. After 15 cm the pressure are slightly on the heavy side.

While flying through mild turbulent air, there’s some wobbles and small yaw movements coming from the glider. I flew in the same air the Chili 4 XS size at 94 all up, to conclude finally that the Chili 4 XS move as a block compared to the Rise 3 S. After some flying hours, alternating the two gliders, the overall comfort is similar with a slight ‘shock absorbent’ feel to the rise 3 S that Air design i famous for. The chilli 4 XS has slightly more sharper reaction to strong thermal punches.

After some hours, i got used to those tiny wobbles that doesn’t amplify their energy when conditions got stronger. They are just here.

The overall piloting level is above the Rise 2 and is similar to the Chili 4 XS or the Mentor 5 XS.

Flying next to my reference B glider, the Chili 4 XS, i found out that the Rise 3 have an impressive climb rate ! After many attempts on the Rise 3 S (72-92) @ 90 with the Chili 4 XS (75-95) @ 93, i was convinced that this Rise S size climb has a slight edge ! I was really surprised about that, knowing that the Chili 4 XS is one of the most efficient climber on the B category.

At 90 all up, the Rise 3 S doesn’t have some annoying pitch behaviors, but rather an efficient nose to surf those thermals and climb, like any good high-B glider.

I noticed that every thermal is quickly converted into climb very efficiently. And the brake authority helps a lot by putting the Rise 3 S inside narrow cores, without any reluctant behavior of the leading edge to dig in. Sometimes i need to insist slightly to turn it inside the thermals, as it flattens out sometimes. It shows also the ability for a flat efficient turning behavior.

I must say that the Rise 3 S is a nice floater in the high B category ! Racing facing the Valley breeze is as efficient as on the Chili 4 XS !

At those weight load above, my friend and i made a few glide comparisons on an exceptional August day with high cloud bases!

Trim speed is similar and the glide at trim seems also identical !

At 5 km/h over trim, both glider are also inseparable in glide !

Pushing the full bar on the Rise 3 S at 90 all up, gave me a +14 km/h taken at 1300 ASL ! which is around 2-3 km/h over the Chili 4 XS.

Big ears are stable without using the speed bar, they slightly shake using the speed bar.


The overall piloting level is not far from the mid aspect ratio B gliders, despite it’s 5.95 AR and i could say it’s an accessible high end B glider with a fairly good handling.

I think the lines used on the Rise 3 S, will not move that easy…They all are unsheathed, and slightly thicker than the contenders .

The Rise 3 in size S has those small wobbling movements, but they are very easy to get used to, and could be an advantage for the pilots who don’t like the ‘block feel’ above their heads.

Finally i can say that the Rise 3 has joined the circle of the top contenders in the high B category for it’s overall efficiency in climb and glide, and it’s certain that any pilot flying the Rise 3 won’t miss any performance whatsoever racing against the new 2017 Mentors and Chili’s !

It seems that Air design has worked very hard on the Rise 3! And it surely paid off ! - Ziad

Woodside is getting some rain Saturday as we enter Thanksgiving Weekend, it always rains on a long weekend

Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
60% Precip. / 7.34 mm PM Rain. High 12C. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 km/h.
240° @ 12
-2.0°C (unstable)

700 metres
Woodside Report - Eagle Ranch and FlyBC were closed today as rain was expected and it did fall as we headed inland to Spences Brdge for turkey dinner.

Woodside is getting some rain the next two days as an Alaskan Front approaches

Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
100% Precip. / 7.34 mm PM Rain. High 12C. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 km/h.
240° @ 12
-2.0°C (unstable)

700 metres
Woodside Report - I took some advantage of this rain day to mow the landing circle and the training hill and was just finishing as the monsoon hit Harrison Mills.

I had to do some deliveries in Chilliwack and it was raining hard there!

Good timing as the last hay crop was cut and baled yesterday as pilots were landing amongst the machines.

The bales should be removed by next week but in the meantime don't fixate on them as they are over 1000 lbs and won't move if you hit one!


Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
Mostly Sunny. High 21C. Winds SW at 10 to 15 km/h.
070° @ 5
-2.0°C (unstable)

900 metres
Woodside Report - we did not fly until 3 pm as it was leeside and calm til then.

I took Roger for his third tandem today and we caught a few bubbles of lift but it was small tight thermals and we were pretty heavily loaded on the Swift Max tandem. Awesome launch & landing conditions.

Jacek picked up his new Swift 4 and had a nice intro flight on it exploring the mountain.


Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
Mostly Sunny. High 21C. Winds N at 10 to 15 km/h.
070° @ 5
-2.0°C (unstable)

900 metres
Woodside Report - Outflow til 4 pm, then a group flew and had some mixed success but they all flew and I drove down.


Agassiz BC

Woodside Forecast:
Mostly Sunny. High 21C. Winds N at 10 to 15 km/h.
070° @ 5
-2.0°C (unstable)

900 metres
Woodside Report - first day back from Brasil and I had two students, Shannon & Roger.

We started out with good east winds on the training hill for forward practice. Odd as Agassiz was reporting +35 kph gusts from the North?

Then it switched to strong NW winds so we did lots of reverse kiting practice.

After lunch we headed up the hill and Bev & Norm did wind tech duties so Shannon could get his first solo done.

Shannon is a sky-diver with 250 jumps so landings should not be an issue, and he had a great first launch and got good altitude all the way to the Ranch with about a 20 minute flight.

Roger was not feeling confident so he watched the others.

We repeated this pattern and on Shannon's second flight I got him into a nice thermal and he out-climbed Rod F and had another 30 minutes of airtime. Martin N and Norm also had a nice 1.5 hr flight on this round.

Back down to get Shannon and we got him off for his third flight just as the winds went catabatic.

Niteroi, Brasil

Rio de Janeiro, BR

Niteroi Forecast:
40% Precip. / 0.00 in AM Showers. High 92F. Winds NNE at 15 to 25 mph.
070° @ 10
-3.0°C (unstable)

500 metres
Niteroi Report - Niteroi is a nice town just across the water from Rio airport that we stayed in for our last night in Brasil.

There are two local sites here, and the winds were favourable for the main site that faces North.

The launch is a concrete ramp near some antennas and when we arrived at the bottom at 930 am, there were 20 paragliders already soaring the ridge.

The drive is up to a National Park, Parque de Cidades, and the road is paved to the top.

The launch queue was quite civilized as pilots were sorting lines off to the back of launch.

I got into the launch slot and cycles were perfect and I launched and soared to the west and got some nice thermals on the way, getting high above launch.

As I got to the west end of the ridge pilots were heading back towards launch as the lift was getting lighter.

I hung out a bit too long and when I got back below launch I was low, but still a safe glide to the Beach LZ.

I noted there were two trees in the middle of a burnt out area, that I navigated around and just then a hawk buzzed right over my head, through my risers and zoomed past me.

It then came back around again past the right wingtip.

I headed west to the lift band and then it slammed into the top of my wing, shaking the entire wing.

I headed out doing some wingovers to scare it away and it left me alone after that.

I had now lost the lift and I headed out to land.

What a nice site, and nice organized pilots too.

2016 in Review - we had our busiest season every in 20 years!

Thanks to all of you that supported us in 2016!

We started out in January with our biggest Mexican Tour with many guests improving their skills at El Toro, Pelican Bay Soaring Site, Colima and Tapalpa.

February brought us more Tour guests with me returning to Canada on March 1 to start lessons.

March brought on some great spring conditions with some excellent XC flights in the Faser Valley.

April brought out many new student pilots and we had up to 7 per day requiring some additional manpower to help out with Degas in Mission with newbies while I was sending students off Woodside. April enjoyed the first tree-landing of the season as an un-named P-2 pilot 360ed himself into a 200' tree just before dark.

May brought out many pilots doing XC flights from Benny to Woodside. This site was improved in 2016 with WCSC & BCHPA funds so we are going to take advancing students there in 2017. We also ran our Annual FlyBC Instructor Course and had many new candidates working with our students. We had to go to Coyote & Mara many times to avoid the weather.

June was an awesome month and we had many signed off P-2 students by now. Thanks to all who helped us get them through their courses!

July was a productive month but also brought some sad news as a local Bellingham Pilot who had flown Blanchard hundreds of times had a fatal crash while paragliding on a mellow day. TJ had been flying since 2000 and had created a Weather Page that was very useful in predicting the conditions.

August took us to Mara Lake for our Annual SIV Course and we had 25 participants over 10 days with only a few wet wings. Either we are getting better at guiding, or the gliders are getting safer, or the pilots are doing more studying prior to the Course . . . or all three but it is a pleasure to put pilots through the maneuvers and see them cain confidence in their gear.

September was flyable most days but we did do the odd road trip to Merritt and Coyote. I think we are up to 200 flyable days now. We also had one weekend closed to students and pilots at Eagle Ranch while we married off Aaron & Christy!

October turned out to be a complete bust as it rained everyday, as did November. Odd as this is usually our busiest training time. It was okay because we had planned a trip to Australia anyway, but I felt bad for the students that did not get finished in 2016.

December was also bad weather-wise with record snow falls, so I went to Mexico to get our winter condo ready for the winter season, and Derek & Norm & I had some nice flights.

Thanks again to the 40+ students we signed off in 2016.

Thanks also to the pilots that bought a record number of gliders from Gin, Ozone & SupAir from us in 2016.

Stay safe in 2017, and we will be here to support you in your flying endeavours.

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