FlyBC Paragliding and Eagle Ranch Local Accomodations

Mt. Woodside B&B - located at the base of the mountain right on Hwy 7. All new in 2011. Average price is $99 per couple.

Harrison Hammond House B&B - located on School Road near an alternate LZ. All new in 2012. Prices from $100-200 per night depending on the room.

Koffee Kettle Motel is a nice motel located right near Riverside LZ with rates from $75 per room.

Sasquatch Inn is an economical place to stay when training with rates from $60 per room.

Where is Eagle Ranch located?

Look at the map below, but we are just south of Highway 7 (Lougheed Hwy) near the Hemlock Ski Resort Turnoff.

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