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  • Specializing in APCO Aviation Products and Flight Design Paragliders, both world leaders in Paragliding, harnesses, reserves systems. We believe in equipping pilots with the best flying machines available.

    APCO releases the Simba!! DHV 2 safety with DHV 3 performance! APCO Simba , will be available for demos at FlyBC in December 2000.

    Want to learn more about the APCO Allegra?? DHV 1-2 security with DHV 3 performance! APCO Allegra , now available for demos at FlyBC.

    Futura 38/42
    - tandem flying for the professional or the enthusiastic amateur. Excellent stability and a performance to match. Sink rates to match the best performing solo glider (1.0 m/s). Demo available!

    Click on the picture for Bagheera info! Bagheera

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